Top Attractions in Lowell, MA

Must-See Spots in Lowell, MA

There are many fun activities and places you’ll be sure to find in Lowell. However, some of them are so popular that you don’t want to miss them no matter what. Learn information about Lowell, MA here.

They include:

Lowell Canalways

Lowell’s major attraction is the 5.6 miles of can always that weave through the city as a perfectly engineered marvel of industrial design. Bike, hike, walk or play along the canals and enjoy a great exhibition of public art and beautiful public parks. The Lowell canals are the perfect place to relax, read a book or attend a local event. Discover facts about Lowell, MA is a Fun-Filled Water Hub.

Lower Highlands

With an incredible variety of restaurants, eateries, and unique shops to serve the second-largest Cambodian population in the US, it’s no wonder that Cambodia Town is a must-do experience when visiting Lowell. Immerse yourself in a cultural experience that you won’t find anywhere else. If you visit in August, make plans to include the Southeast Asian Water Festival. 


Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

Built-in 1908, the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Lowell was the first Byzantine Greek church built stateside. The church is an excellent source of pride for the Hellenic-American population of Massachusetts and a good reason. The church’s inside is stunning and worth a stop for pictures or a mass.



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