Lowell, MA is The City for Summer Festivals

Incredible Summer Festivals in Lowell, MA

The least you can expect from a vibrant city like Lowell is lots of summer festivities. Ultimately, the city features many choices for such activities, with the best of them all including. Look here for more about Lowell, MA.

Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival

Lowell has a rich culture that enhances the city, attracts people from across the country, and provides the perfect setting to preserve and share the cultural heritage of the Southeast Asian Community. Add the Southeast Asian Water Festival to your list of festivals and join in as the city celebrates the culture with endless food, crafts, performances, and of course, the famous Dragon boat Race! Click here to read about Lowell, MA is an Oasis of Fun.

Brazilian Food Festival

What’s better than spending your afternoon eating exquisite traditional Brazilian food? The Brazilian Food Festival is for all the foodies out there, as it brings live music, authentic Brazilian dishes, and delicious desserts for all to enjoy. Experience Brazilian culture at this free event held at JFK Plaza. All proceeds will benefit Life Connection Center, bringing healthy meals to the homeless community.

Lowell Summer Music Series

The music scene is always vibrant in Lowell as the Lowell Summer Music Series continues all summer long! Although the Folk Festival has come to an end, Boarding House Park music festivities haven’t, as artists are lined up for all to listen. 


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