Lowell, MA is the Bar Lovers’ City

Top-Rated Bars in Lowell, MA

Bars are those areas you will want to relax in after a long day or week. And Lowell takes care of your needs with some of the best you may ever encounter. Whether you are looking to drink, dine, party, or listen to music, you may want to consider any of these.  Learn more facts here.


With a bar backdrop that looks as if it is from the back of an old northeastern schooner, Thirsty First is a bar and restaurant specializing in all things Americana. Situated in an inviting building of brick and paneled windows in a very pedestrian-friendly part of the city, the atmosphere at this bar is relaxed and family-friendly. Beer aficionados favor its craft beer menu, and its pizza and grilled cheese offerings have achieved a local following as well. Read about Lowell, MA is The City for Summer Festivals here. 

Wicked Irish Pub

Set in the historic Lowell downtown and the former, longtime Major’s Pub, Wicked Irish Pub seeks to reinvent itself as a new and exciting local bar. With 16 beers on tap, a well-stocked bar, outdoor seating, and several televisions for watching the Patriots and Red Sox, Wicked Irish Pub provides all the nighttime essentials needed in this neighborhood. Its stained wooden ceilings and red brick walls give off the perfect atmosphere for that comfortable Irish pub vibe.


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