Lowell, MA is Full of Movie Theaters 

Fun-Filled Movie Theaters in Lowell, MA

If you are a movie lover looking for the best spots to have fun in Lowell, the options are not as many. That is because some of the renowned theaters you could have visited have closed their doors due to one or two reasons. Some of the best of all time include the following. More can be found here.

Showcase Cinemas Lowell

A 14-screen movie theater, Showcase Cinemas Lowell displays first-run feature films using digital projection and sound. The theater offers stadium seating, RealD 3D movies, auditorium rentals for private events, and concession stands with food and drinks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest films from the comfort of an ultra-plush power-operated, fully reclining seat! Plus, reserve your seat at the time of purchase to make your trip to the cinema even more enjoyable. Learn more about Lowell, MA is a Culture-Rich Town.

Owl Theater

The Owl Theatre was opened in 1911 and was always a second-run house, but a good one. It was built in the train shed of the original Boston and Maine Railroad terminal in downtown Lowell. Supposedly part of its roof could be retracted for hot summer evenings. It was renamed Rialto Theatre around 1920 and was later owned and operated by Norman Glassman, who also managed the Crown Theatre on Middlesex Street and built the Lowell Drive-In.




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