Lowell, MA is Full of Mexican Restaurants

Iconic Mexican Restaurants in Lowell, MA

Mexican dishes are the most sought-after delicacies across the world. And Lowell is just one of the towns you will be sure to enjoy Mexican dishes from some of the best award-winning restaurants. Learn information about Lowell, MA here.

They include the following:

Tacos Lupita

Tacos Lupita is a family enterprise founded in Somerville, MA, on November 1rst, 1999. Their service quality, diet, and hard work have been the mystery of their success, allowing them to open a 2nd restaurant in Lawrence, MA. It is always committed to serve the highest standards in food quality and client service. They realize that their success is related to their customers; that’s why they are committed to the highest standards in food quality and client service. At Tacos Lupita, it always is a pleasure to welcome you to any of their eateries. Guests can taste their burritos with a choice of fillings with beans, rice, and salsa in a fresh rolled flour tortilla. Click here to read about Lowell, MA is a Music Lovers’ City.

El Potro Mexican Bar & Grill

The story of El Potro is a unique one. They have been part of the Lowell culinary scene for five years and have made their mark for sure. They engage with their patrons; they support the community and other local businesses plus; they have delicious food.

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