Lowell, MA is Full of Art Galleries 

Unique Art Galleries in Lowell, MA

If you are an art lover looking to explore what Lowell offers at best, you will find several art galleries to explore. Some of the best include the following areas.  More about Lowell, MA can be seen here.

The Brush Art Gallery

For over 30 years, the Brush’s mission has remained the same: to nurture the working artist and to keep the visual arts alive and healthy in the heart of Lowell’s historic district.  Located in a restored mill building, the gallery is also home to artist studios that are open daily.  Click here to read about Historic Landmarks in Lowell, MA.

Public Art Exhibits

Lowell’s Public Art Collection began to take shape in the 1980s with unique pieces created by artists with national and international reputations.  Primarily located near Lowell’s canals in downtown Lowell, each artwork provides a special commentary on one of the Lowell National Historical Park’s themes—labor, technology, water-power, capital, the industrial city. The collection’s commissioning value is about $1 million,

Western Avenue Studios

Lowell’s Western Avenue Studios is home to the most significant artist community on the eastern seaboard. The five-acre complex and its various brick mill buildings host over 300 artists in 250 work-only studios and 50 live/work lofts. Western Avenue Studios also houses The Loading Dock Gallery – a cooperative, artist-run gallery and Navigation Brewery’s taproom.



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