Lowell, MA is a History Lover’s City

Learn History in Lowell, MA

If you are a history buff looking to learn Lowell’s past, there are many ways to do so. These places offer you an exclusive insight into the town’s past and other essential aspects, from historical landmarks to history centers and museums. Consider the following.  See more here.

American Textile History Museum

American Textile History Museum offers a glimpse into the American textile industry’s numerous aspects from the point of view of art, history, and science. The extensive collection includes authentic looms, old and new printing technological equipment, and more. Read about Lowell, MA is a Family-Centric Town here.

Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center

The Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center is a visitors’ center that provides information on the Lowell National Historical Park. The center offers hands-on interactive educational programs for children.

Lowell National Historical Park Visitors Center

The Visitor’s Center serves as the gateway to Lowell National Historical Park and offers helpful information and suggestions regarding the area. The center also houses Jack Kerouac memorabilia and provides an informative presentation on local history.

Pollard Memorial Library

Book lovers of all ages are welcome at the Pollard Memorial Library in Lowell, Massachusetts. The library features books, digital media, periodicals, microfiche archives, and computer stations. It also hosts a panoply of community enrichment programs.



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