Lowell, MA is a Dining Paradise

Sensational Dining in Lowell, MA

Lowell serves you an endless number of restaurants and food to choose from when it comes to dining. But since you may not be aware of the best, you may want to consider these options.  Visit this link for Lowell, MA facts.

Life Alive

Just opposite the New England Quilt Museum is Life Alive, the highest-rated restaurant in Lowell based on customer reviews and feedback. Life Alive prides itself on providing vegetarian cuisine to nurture the body and soul. They are strong on providing responsibly sourced produce that inspires devotion to the local environment and global ecology matters. Discover facts about Lowell, MA is a Lodging Palace.

Tepthida Khmer

Tepthida Khmer offers up top-quality Cambodian cuisine with a touch of French influence thrown in. The restaurant lies in central Lowell, close to the Lowell station on the Massachusetts Bay commuter rail system. Tepthida Khmer, Ely Hsu, is a native of Cambodia and opened the restaurant to promote her own cuisine.

Cobblestones of Lowell

Cobblestones of Lowell serve classic American cuisine in a historical setting. The restaurant is housed in a building erected in 1859 as a boarding house for the Merrimack Manufacturing Company’s high-ranking officials before being taken over by the exclusive Yorick Gentleman’s Club in 1901. The club had renovations carried out by the leading architect Frederick Stickney, with a library and dining room.



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