Lowell, MA Bubbles with Parks

Charming Parks in Lowell, MA

Park fun awaits you in Lowell if you are looking to relax, picnic, or unwind in any way. Thanks to the town’s vast acres of open spaces and lush vegetation. Choose from any of the following.  Information concerning Lowell, MA can be discovered here.

Lowell National Park

Open year-round with a variety of attractions and exhibits, Lowell’s National Historical Park encompasses downtown Lowell’s entire area. This includes Lowell’s famous canals and restored historic mills. From Memorial Day through late November, one of the main attractions is canal boat tours that invite you to explore the canals’ ingenious engineering marvels. The Mill Girl Exhibit will give you an inside look into the lives of Lowell’s Mill Girls. Information about Lowell, MA is a Kid-Friendly Town can be found here. 

Kerouac Park

Depending on your literary trivia knowledge, you may or may not realize that Lowell is the location for five of Jack Kerouac’s novels. A resident of the town, prolific writer Jack Kerouac, came to embody the beat generation’s voice, and a park was erected in his honor in downtown Lowell. Depending on how much of a fan you are, you can search out monuments to Kerouac, many of which feature excerpts of his work. This is also a great place to come and spend an afternoon reading or working on your masterpiece.

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