Learn About Lowell, MA

Attributes Defining Lowell, MA

The city of Lowell is located in Massachusetts and is the perfect example of scenic New England. Lowell has gained a reputation as a great holiday destination over the years, thanks to its mix of exciting museums, relaxing parks, and lively attractions, including ballparks and concert arenas. For those who love literature, Lowell is also the birthplace of the famous writer Jack Kerouac, who is honored in the city in Kerouac Park. Click here for facts about Lowell, MA.


The city of Lowell was founded along the Merrimack River close to the northeastern border of Massachusetts. The town came into being during the 1820s as a manufacturing location for creating textiles. A village emerged and was named for Francis Cabot Lowell, who played a prominent role during the Industrial Revolution. Lowell transports visitors back to America’s Industrial Age with Lowell National Historical Park, the Boott Cotton Mills Museum, the New England Quilt Museum, and the American Textile History Museum. Click here to read about Lowell, MA is Chock Full of Museums.


Today, the diverse city boasts amenities often found in significant metropolis locations. Popular areas to visit include the unique Mill No. 5 shopping district, the water-front Vandenberg Esplanade, and the Lowell National Historical Park. Lowell, MA is also home to beautiful parks, excellent restaurants, the Whistler House Museum of Art, LeLacheur Park, the Merrimack Repertory Theatre, and other unique attractions.

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