Historic Landmarks in Lowell, MA

Explore the Landmarks in Lowell, MA

Like most cities with their iconic landmarks, Lowell boasts its best also. As such, if you are looking for the best of historical spots to explore while here, you will have many choices. But probably some of the most iconic and informative include but are not limited to the following areas. Information can be found here.

Lowell Cemetery

Lowell Cemetery’s popularity began in the 1840s as a refuge from the confines of the industrialized city center. The crowded boarding houses and noise of the mills were left behind for an oasis of peace. As in the 19th century, Lowell Cemetery remains the landscape park of the 1840s with its tree canopy, ornamental shrubs, and many Victorian gardens. Nature’s beauty combines with the human artistry of elegant and interesting gravestones and monuments. Every summer, you can explore the cemetery with guided or self-guided tours. See here for information about Top Attractions in Lowell, MA.

Visit Jack Kerouac’s Grave

Love or hate him; Jack Kerouac did contribute a great deal to American literature, despite his popular perception while he lived. Born Jean-Louis Lebris de Kérouac in Lowell in 1922, a member of the prominent French-Canadian population residing in the city and working its textile mills, he is buried at Edson Cemetery, along with his wife, Stella.



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