Take Your Kids to the Best Dentist in Methuen!

What defines comprehensive pediatric dentistry? And where can you find the best Methuen dental group for children?

Kangaroo Smiles Pediatric Dentistry provides all that encompasses pediatric dentistry, from routine checkups to dental fillings and more. Dr. Mona Beylin is considered by many to be the best dentist in Methuen. Not only does Dr. Mona have the necessary credentials education experience, but she also has extensive experience working with kids. Learn more about the pediatric dental services at Kangaroo Smiles and why Dr. Mona is among the top dental health professionals in Massachusetts.

Comprehensive Care From the Best Dentist in Methuen

Often, new parents come to our office with lots of questions about their child’s oral health. And we have the answers they’re looking for! The Kangaroo Krew consists of friendly, well-informed staff members who can share their wide-breadth knowledge with parents and caregivers just like you. They also strive to make kids comfortable before they even sit in the dentist chair.

Here are some of the most common pediatric services we provide:

  • shutterstock_245624227Cleanings and Examinations

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children receive checkups every six months. This ensures there are no dental problems lurking in your child’s teeth and gums. We make sure to provide the most thorough cleanings and checkups to make sure your child’s oral healthshutterstock_245624227 foundation is strong and healthy.  

  • Cavity Treatments

We all know how common it is for kids to get cavities!  Kangaroo Smiles offers durable, white dental fillings that blend in with your child’s natural tooth. For larger cavities, we have stainless steel crowns to restore teeth. These can last until the child loses her or his baby teeth.

  • Diagnostic and Preventative X-rays

Kangaroo Smiles uses digital X-rays that emit up to 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays. Plus, their digital quality allows Dr. Mona to view the images and discuss them with you and your child immediately if she spots a dental concern.

  • Pulpotomies

Never heard of this before? Don’t worry. A pulpotomy, or root canal for babies, is completely safe and only recommended if the tooth is very important to the little patient’s development.

  • Dental emergencies

Accidents happen, and Dr. Mona knows this. Whether your child cracks a tooth or loses it completely, she can have you come in for a same-day emergency appointment. We want to address the dental emergency as soon as possible, so call us immediately!

Dr. Mona and our entire staff believe in using kid-friendly language to help children become part of the dental process. This encourages them to build oral hygiene habits and understand the importance of healthy teeth. And, Dr. Mona can give you advice on setting the superior dental example at home.

Kangaroo Smiles is now scheduling patients at our new Methuen location! Now, your children can receive the top-quality dental care they need at a dental office closer to home. Contact our office at (978) 425-1496 to set up your appointment with the best dentist in Methuen today!