Finding Resources Regarding Your Search For “Cavities Kids Metheun”

Did you know that about 4 million preschoolers were diagnosed with some form of tooth decay. In many cases they had to have cavities filled? This proves that each age group are easily susceptible to cavities. If you reside in Metheun and you are a parent, this piece is for you. Find out how to treat cavities kids Metheun  area treat this dilemma.

There is no doubt, parents and their kids in Metheun, Massachusetts face challenges everyday. There is one factor that can affect kids and parents. However, this nuisance is not a person, but rather a condition. So what is this nuisance? As it was mentioned, kids cavities Metheun parents need to watch out for.

No parent or child wants to hear the term “cavity” during the child’s routine dental checkup. Normally there is a sense of dread, when a dentist informs the child that cavities have to be filled. Many parents may assume their kids cavities are a result of lax dental hygiene. While it is important to exhibit good dental hygiene habits, cavities amongst children is quite common.

Before we pinpoint a pediatric dentist in Metheun, let’s have a brief understanding of how children as young as three can develop cavities.

  • Caries is the name of the bacteria that can cause cavities in children.
  • Food and drinks are filled with more sugary ingredients. Even those fruit snacks that contain “real fruit juice” are highly packed with sugar.
  • Lack of a dental hygiene routine.
  • While bottled water does have health benefits, it often lacks fluoride.

Kangaroo Smiles To Offer A Fun Way Of Filling Cavities Kids  Metheun Parents Rely On

If you are in need of a trustworthy Metheun based pediatric dentist who takes away the fear factor, Kangaroo Smiles is the place for your child. Kangaroo Smiles is run by Dr. Mona and Dr. Simon Beylin and the friendly members of the Kangaroo Krew. Families have entrusted Kangaroo Smiles in Lowell, Massachusetts. Due to Kangaroo Smiles’ growing population, there will be a second location opening in Metheun.

Here are some brief factors that Kangaroo Smiles should be your pediatric dentist of choice:

  • Dr. Mona, Dr. Simon, and the Kangaroo Krew treat and speak to your child as a child rather than just another patient.
  • Use kid-friendly language (ex. “We are going to fill your teeth with a special formula to keep that bad germs away, and keep your teeth strong).
  • Contests and Prizes.
  • Kid-friendly illustrations on the walls.

Kangaroo Smiles will be offering kid friendly treatment for Metheun kids with cavities. Call us today at 978-425-1496.